Lawak Hari Ini

An aunty saw a young couple. The girl asked the boy: "What's the meaning of ABCDEFG?"

The boy answered: "A Boy Can Do Everything For Girls."

The aunty felt so sweet and when she arrived home, she asked her husband: "What do u think about me?"

The husband answered: "ABCDEFGHIJK"

Aunty felt so surprised and asked the husband what did it mean.

The husband replied: "Adorable, Beautiful, Cute, Delightful, Elegant, Foxy, and Gorgeous & Hot!"

Aunty was confused and asked: "What about I, J, K???"

Husband replied: "I'm Just Kidding!"
Sumber : Today's Joke
2 Responses
  1. MyKhalish Says: nak kembang semangkuk, trus kuncup blk. ekeeke..

  2. Hanna Says:

    hahahaha..tu la psl,mcm sengal je kan.. ;)

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